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Harry Takes a Hike for LOROS

Since the organisation became a registered charity in 1997, LOROS has grown to be one of Leicestershire’s leading places of support for the terminally ill.

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More Than The Baby Blues: EverythingBranded Donates Fidget Spinners to Help Curb Anxiety and Depression in Mothers

Many people have heard of the ‘baby blues’ and will put an expecting or current mothers’ low moods, extra emotions and tearfulness down to just that. However, issues such as perinatal, antenatal, and postnatal depression are a lot more common than first thought, extending way beyond just a few bad days. Pregnancy and new life are supposed to be a joyous time in a women’s life, making it harder for those to come forward when they are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety. That is why support groups such as Incredible Babies have formed in Sheffield.

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