EverythingCommunity Helps Feed Leicester’s Struggling Neighbourhoods

August 25, 2021

30,000 children in Leicester are now living below the poverty line

End Child Poverty Organisation Tweet

Recent findings from End Child Poverty Coalition have found that there are now over 30,000 children are living below the breadline in the UK. The study also shows that Leicester experienced some of the biggest increase in child poverty in the East Midlands, and amongst the highest in the UK. Imagine how many households go hungry because of this. That’s why not-for-profit organisations such as New Parks Food Bank exist to help aid families in difficulty.

About New Parks Food Bank

The New Parks Food Bank came off the back of the New Parks Community Panel that has been running for the past 20 years. Back in 2001, New Deal for Communities was a regeneration programme led by the government of the United Kingdom for some of the England’s most deprived neighbourhoods. Unfortunately, The Neighbourhood Management team pulled out of New Parks leaving the panel to be resident lead.  They we were given an amount of £52k, which Lindsay Peberdy now leads as executive. Some of this funding is put into the foodbank, which feeds around 200 families every week.

‘I would like to see that we can tackle and create solutions to some of the most difficult issues faced by our community, ie poverty, particularly child poverty, mental health, employment, disability abuse and disabilty adaptations, and a crime free area.’ – Lindsay Peberdy

Lindsay Peberdy, New Parks Community Panel Chairman

EverythingBranded Donates £200 Towards New Parks FoodBank

After connecting with New Parks community at their monthly panel meeting and hearing their want for a better community, we wanted to help. We gave a small donation in the hopes that this could help feed vulnerable community members, if only for a couple of meals. We are also looking to send some volunteers from EverythingBranded to help make pack-ups at the food bank. If you want to support your local community then you can find more details here.

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