EverythingCommunty Gives a Hug in a Bag to Without Walls Charity.

August 11, 2021

As the UK’s roadmap to ease out of lockdown is well underway, we must consider the effects that lockdown has undoubtedly had on our aged population. Confusion, loneliness, depression, falls, broken bones and dehydration is just some of the long lists of after-effects to befall the older population. The majority of whom may live alone and have experienced their worlds shrink to the confines of their homes. Although it seems we are entering the light at the end of the tunnel there is still work to be done to re-socialise the elderly and work on symptoms developed because of lockdown. One such organisation that is attempting to do this is Without Walls.

About Without Walls Thrive project

Thrive is a project ran by the charitable organisation Without Walls. Based in Leicestershire, Thrive consists of two community initiatives; The Singing Cafe and Tea Parties. Both initiatives aim to address vulnerability and social welfare, including mental health and social isolation through community activities.

Thrive is an all-inclusive support network and community, providing services across (but not exclusively) Leicestershire. they deliver support and encouragement to those with a variety of different mental and physical challenges.

A Tea-reffic Day Was Had By All.

We were approached by Without Walls to see if there was anything we could provide to aid these services. It just so happened that we had a surplus of goodie bags left from a recent campaign we did during the Lockdowns. The idea behind the goodies was to provide a ‘hug in a bag’. We donated 30 of these to the charity in preparation for their first face to face tea party since the beginning of lockdown on 25th July. The meeting went well, and the gifts were well received by the members.

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