Fidget Push Pops Take Incredible Kids by Storm!

September 8, 2021

Children with disabilities can face multiple obstacles and social barriers that hinder them from fully engaging in society. In some instances, children can go a long time with no diagnosis for a disability, further hindering their progression both individually and socially. Much was the case for Jennie Prewett, founder, and CEO of Incredible Kids. That’s why she and her family helped to found Incredible Kids.

Incredible Kids Strive for Better Social Inclusion For Disabled Children

Incredible Kids started 9 years ago when my own son was born and unbeknown to us had autism. We couldn’t get any help as a family as he had an amazing ability to hide his challenges in front of professionals. So we made our own help and created Incredible Kids to help other families like us.

Jennie Prewett, founder of Incredible Kids

Based in Bristol, Incredible Kids is an inclusive play centre providing family play sessions for children & young adults with additional needs aged 0-25 & their families in Bristol. They have been running for 9 years, with the original family founders still involved with the charity. They rely heavily on the parents of user members and donations to stay up and running. The fact that they have managed on such little resource is a testament to what they do.

EverythingBranded Donates Fidget Push Pop

Jennie approached us regarding one of her members, and her love for sensory toys, specifically a singing, dancing Christmas tree. She had been visiting the centre for years and her brother works for them. She has a learning disability and loves to sit and watch the other children or bounce alongside them on the trampoline. A few weeks ago, they discovered that she absolutely LOVES dancing singing Christmas trees and has a collection. She loves their sensory toys so Jennie asked if this was something we could help with. We have to admit that on this occasion we could not source this specific toy, but we went on the hunt for an alternative.

The newest craze to reach the hands of children and adults alike is the push pop bubble fidget. Much like the fidget spinner, this toy is very effective in providing helpful self-regulation for those with sensory needs. The ‘push pop bubble fidget’ has much the same sensation as popping bubble wrap, something we have all found ourselves doing straight from a package box. With that in mind, we managed to source and donate 300 branded toys for the children and young adults at Incredible Kids.

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