Leicester welcomes Santa to brand new inclusive grotto this December.

December 1, 2021

Gallowtree Gate in Leicester welcomes Santa today as he settles into a brand-new inclusive grotto, created by reviews.io owner Callum Mckeefery. The entrepreneur has taken it upon himself to create a space where children with special needs can have a unique visit to see Santa Claus. Special consideration has been made in the process and building of the space to ensure a memorable and tailored experience for each visit to Santa.

Not your average grotto

Unlike other grottos, the inclusive grotto offers visits to anyone and everyone by appointment, so there’s no waiting in long lines enduring the cold. Each child is given a time slot with Santa as to not feel rushed. Each visit is tailored for each child’s needs, with adjustable lights and music to create a personalised sensory experience. Santa is even briefed before each drop-in, ensuring an experience that won’t be overwhelming for children that are sensitive to certain social situations and behaviours. Being fully accessible as well as free, the grotto has been built to cater for any special needs a child or family member may have. The grotto has also partnered with the charity Menphys, who will be providing a custom-fit gift for each child.

Everything Global gives back with Menphys and the Inclusive Grotto

To aid both the Grotto and Menphy’s, EverythingGlobal have been busy worker elves by fundraising as well as sending volunteers to make this Christmas extra special for children in need.  So far, we have held some sweepstakes such as name the penguin and guess how many baubles are in a jar, among other merry games that we have planned during December. We hope to gift up to £200 worth of presents and give over 24 hours of our staff’s time to help spread some cheer in the community throughout the festive period. If you would like to book into the grotto you can join the waiting list here. Or, if you would like to sponsor a gift for a child you can donate to Menphy’s Christmas list here.

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