The Great Everything Global Bake-Off Finale!

October 27, 2021

EverythingGlobal step from behind their desk and into the kitchen for our great EverythingGlobal Bake-Off Finale! In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in conjunction with the infamous Great British bake-off, EverythingGlobal wanted to stir up some competition to raise vital funds for them.

In a creative-fuelled first round we saw our UK sales team compete one another, with a separate competition happening between Marketing and Finance. We finished the day with the USA sales competing, with 12 members of staff smashing it through to the finals.

About Breast Cancer Now

‘It’s our vision to make sure that by 2050, everyone with breast cancer lives, and lives well.’


This vision of Breast Cancer Now is well underway and they continue to work tirelessly on their world-class research to provide life changing care for anyone affected by breast cancer. Watch here to find out more.

Bring Your Breast Dessert!

Due to unforeseen circumstances and busy schedules, we reduced the competition to one final round with only 4 competitors. This final round consisted of contestants bringing in a dessert of their choice. Our assessment of the desserts was twofold: a staff vote on who’s looked the best, followed by feedback after staff had samples the delicious desserts in a bake sale. Surprisingly 3 out of the 5 participants went all out by baking cakes!

Most of our Staff decided take our breast theme and run with it, to reflect the charity we were fundraising for. Everybody made a great effort, and it was neck and neck for a while between entry 1 and 2, but there was one that really did take the cake!  The majority vote and newly crowned star baker was… Marcus from our US Sales Team!

We awarded Marcus with his very own personalised Star baker apron, which he adorned with pride! We also managed to raise nearly £90 in only 2 competitions and bake sales for Breast Cancer Now. Now that is the icing on the cake…

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