A Day To Remember For Declan And Alex

June 19, 2023

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a rare genetic disorder that primarily affects boys, and leads to progressive muscle degeneration.

Symptoms affecting motor skills often begin in early childhood, making things like walking, running around and playing more difficult. But as the condition progresses, it can unfortunately lead to serious health issues, particularly with the heart and lungs

Declan Spencer was just 7 years old when he was diagnosed with DMD. At the time, doctors didn’t believe he would make it to his 18th birthday. But with the support of LOROS and the local community, Declan has defied the odds – recently celebrating his 23rd birthday.

Unfortunately, during a recent hospital check-up, the doctors delivered some tough news. Declan’s body is struggling and can’t handle the strong heart medication he needs to stay with us. They’re not confident he’ll see 2024.

Despite this devastating prognosis, Declan responded with courage, positivity, and a resilience that inspires everyone he meets. He’s even put together a bucket list of dreams he wants to chase in the time he has left.

View and donate to Declan’s Bucket List

arranging a track day at snetterton

After learning of Declan’s most recent prognosis and reading through his bucket list, the team at Everything Branded wanted to help, and we noticed he referred to himself as a ‘petrol head’.

This got us thinking about a potential opportunity for an experience with a GT3 and GT4 race team we sponsor – Paddock Motorsport

We got in touch with Declan’s mum, Alex, to make sure our suggestion was suitable.

Once Alex shared her excitement about the idea, we set about working with the Paddock Motorsport team to plan an amazing day out for Declan at Snetterton on the 18th June


Declan and Alex were given true VIP treatment as they arrived at Snetterton, with the Paddock Motorsport team greeting them personally and presenting them with their VIP passes that granted them access to the highest level of hospitality at the track.

It was great for the team to get to spend a bit of time with Declan and Alex, and watch as they enjoyed the food and drink, even a few bubbles were shared.

Declan was in his element as he got a guided tour of the pits. The Paddock team really did go that extra mile and took time to show Dec the hustle and bustle of their pit crew members and mechanics, the sights and sounds and palpable energy leaving an indelible impression on him.

But the highlight of the day was a unique grid walk where Declan got to put his four wheels on the track. He said to his mum Alex “I always wanted to get on the race track, now look at me!” as he went to his full speed down the track. Placed in position mere feet away from the roaring racing cars at the start line, Declan’s adrenaline was rushing through his veins, matching that of the drivers!

feedback from Alex and Dec

donate to declans bucket list

Despite the exhilarating day at the racetrack, Declan still has a lot of exciting items left on his bucket list.

He dreams of upgrading his van, visiting Paris, staying in the Marvel hotel at Disneyland Paris, experiencing the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany, and taking a flight in a microlight.

You can support Declan in making his dreams come true by visiting and donating to his bucket list: https://www.gofundme.com/f/decs-rolling-bucket-list

Every moment matters, and Declan’s spirit in the face of adversity is an inspirational reminder to us all.

Join us in supporting Declan’s journey and help him cross off more items from his bucket list.


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