Caring for Young Cancer Patients: A Donation to Help Awareness and Fundraising Efforts

May 9, 2023

It’s a sobering fact that 1 in 2 of us are likely to suffer from cancer in our lifetime.

The likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer increases with age, with adults aged over 50 accounting for around 90% of cancer cases in the UK.

Yet statistics from the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group suggest that more than 1,500 children up to the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer every year.

With advances in treatment over the last 20 years, the survival chances of young people with cancer are greater than ever. More than 80% of patients survive for at least 5 years after diagnosis, with many being completely cured. But the path to recovery for young individuals battling cancer can be a daunting and challenging journey for both young patients and their families.

Not only do young people and their loved ones have to deal with the unexpected reality of their diagnosis, they must also overcome the emotional, mental, and physical strains that come with their fight against cancer.

Luckily, there are several charities and organisations across the UK that provide much-needed support for families affected by childhood cancer. One of these charities is It’s Good 2 Give.

It’s Good 2 Give: Providing support to young cancer patients and their families

It’s Good 2 Give works hand in hand with hospitals to deliver the invaluable help and support that young patients and their families require during the trying times of a cancer diagnosis in Scotland.

Anyone who’s ever had to make an unexpected dash to the hospital will know that you don’t always remember to pack an overnight bag with essentials. It’s Good 2 Give provides wash bags for patients and their families that contain everything that you might need for an overnight stay- like a toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, and a notebook and pen.

They also provide vouchers for snacks in Glasgow Children’s Hospital, helping young patients keep up their energy levels during treatment.

The charity also provides two full-time psychologists who cover the NHS Lothian area – providing ongoing mental health support to young cancer patients.

It’s Good 2 Give also offers the serene sanctuary of The Ripple Retreat to young cancer patients and their families who need to get away from the everyday realities of battling cancer.

a request for support from Its good to give

The team at Everything Community received an email from Carole Anne Oag, explaining that It’s Good 2 Give were running their 17th ‘Blingo’ lunch in May to help fundraise for the charity.

They were expecting up to 400 businesswomen to attend the event, and Carole wondered if there was anything our team could do to help produce branded goodie bags.

After taking a look at their website and getting an understanding of the great work they do for young cancer patients, we decided we’d do what we could to help.

Ben Jones, one of our Senior Account Managers was eager to manage the project and caught up with Carole to get a clearer idea of design requirements.

Ben made the persuasive case internally to not only provide the branded goodie bags, but also some branded promotional items to go inside.

Promotional items carry a lot of benefits for charities. They increase brand awareness and visibility – especially with everyday items such as pens, which can lead to more exposure and conversations about the charity’s cause as people use them.

Branded promotional material can also be used strategically as thank-you gifts for donor engagement. Products like pens or compact mirrors leave a lasting impression, continuously reminding recipients of the charity’s mission and increasing the likelihood of future engagement and support.

After Ben’s compelling business case, we agreed to donate:

  • 400 It’s Good 2 Give branded tote bags
  • 400 It’s Good 2 Give branded compact mirrors
  • 400 It’s Good 2 Give branded pens


Our design team got to work, liaising with Carole and Ben at every milestone – and all promotional merchandise was with the charity ahead of their event.

A successful event, raising more than £52,000

The 17th Blingo lunch was held at The Sheraton Edinburgh on 7th May, and we were so pleased when Carole got back in touch to confirm that the event was a resounding success!

Around 390 businesswomen from across the local area attended, and the event raised more than £52,000 to help young cancer patients and their families.

We also got some great feedback from Carole about the promotional items we donated:

“Thank you so much once again for your support, everyone loved the bags, they were the perfect size and also thanks for the pens and mirrors…..lots of people made positive comments about the bags, I am sure I’ll see them out and about in Edinburgh.” – Carole Oag 

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