Sarah’s “5k Every Day in May” Challenge for Lamp: Supporting with a £100 Donation

May 18, 2023

According to statistics from Mind, 1 in 4 people in the UK are likely to suffer from a mental health problem each year.

Yet it’s estimated that 75% of people with mental health problems in England don’t actually get access to the treatment they need.

Leicester-based charity Lamp helps people navigate the complexities of mental health support and helps them to make sure their voice is heard during their recovery.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health condition and are feeling unsure about where to get help, Lamp can help you communicate your needs effectively to your GP and relevant NHS departments.

Lamp also provides support for people who are caring for someone with a mental health condition and delivers guidance for businesses on how to provide better mental health support within the workplace.

Promoting physical activity as a way to raise funds

Taking regular physical activity has been proven to have positive effects on your self esteem, energy levels, quality of sleep and the symptoms of stress – all really important factors in the management of mental health illnesses.

Every year, Lamp arranges a fundraising event designed to showcase the benefits of exercise on mental health, and encourages individuals to take on the challenge in order to raise funds for Lamp. It typically involves each participant completing 5km per day through their choice of exercise.

In 2021, the distance covered by the participants of the challenge actually went around the world (84,000km).

In 2022, they took things a step further and collectively travelled the distance to the moon (384,000km) and raised £16,000 in the process.

In 2023, the charity wants to go even further and raise funds of £29,000.

With a theme of “climbing mountains for mental health” this year’s participants are encouraged to complete a 5k activity of their choice each day during Mental Health Awareness Week (15th-21st May).

Sarah’s mission to raise £750

Sarah Higgins has been supporting Lamp for the last few years and has taken on the challenge of raising £750 for the charity during the 2023 event – as this is the average cost to help someone navigate the complexities of mental health support.

The team at Everything Community are actually well acquainted with Sarah, through her voluntary role of Vice-Chair of the Lamp Business Club – helping businesses across Leicestershire share best practices on how they can best support their employees’ mental health. Sarah is also a Leadership Coach and Author of ‘Power of Love Leadership’. She is a real inspiration in many ways to the Leicestershire Business Community.

Even though she’s suffered a knee injury which will prevent her from running or hill walking, Sarah is determined to ‘climb her own mountain’ and overcome the obstacles to take part in the 2023 challenge and achieve her personal fundraising target.

She’s taken the distance of Scotland’s West Highland Way (approximately 154km) as a source of inspiration, and has committed to covering 5 km per day on her home elliptical trainer daily for 31 days – a total of 155km.

When we saw what Sarah was planning, we wanted to help.

Her passion and dedication to mental health awareness is admirable, and this challenge is a testament to her determination to make a difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health issues.

We supported Sarah’s fundraising efforts with a £100 donation..

Find out more about Lamp and donate to their 2023 campaign

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You can also find out more about their annual 5k challenges at, and donate to Sarah’s campaign at


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