Designing and Donating Branded Bags For Hope Against Cancer: A Practical Solution to Raise Awareness

May 24, 2022

Cancer is one of the most significant health challenges we face today.

It’s estimated that one in every two of us will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in our lifetimes. That’s quite a sobering statistic.

But with early detection, the right treatment, and access to clinical trials, hearing that you’ve got cancer isn’t always necessarily the terminal diagnosis it once was.

Hope Against Cancer is a cancer research charity that serves the people of Leicestershire and Rutland. They fund cutting edge research and help make clinical trials available to local people.

By working with local universities and hospitals, Hope Against Cancer work to ensure that Leicestershire is a hub of expertise for cancer research, with the ultimate aim of improving treatment and outcomes for people in the local area.

a request to help raise awareness

Our team was contacted by Jessica Southworth from Hope Against Cancer.

Jessica wondered if our team could potentially help with a creative idea to reach patients recently diagnosed with cancer, and make them aware of the support that was available.

She explained that many patients in the local area don’t know that Hope Against Cancer exist, or that there are clinical trials that patients might potentially be eligible for.

The idea that Jessica had was to provide branded document bags to help patients keep all their medical notes in one place, making it really convenient to carry their notes to and from their hospital appointments.

We assigned our account manager Muzammil Sacur to the project, who immediately took to be a part of the challenge to help Jessica achieve  her vision.

After a lot of discussion, it was agreed that not only would Jessica’s idea help to raise awareness of Hope Against Cancer in the cancer wards and waiting rooms in hospitals across the local area, but it would also provide a practical and genuinely valuable product for patients

We agreed on the donation and the amount of document bags that were needed for the first run.

Muzammil and the team at Everything Branded immediately got started with design and production of the branded document bags.

We turned around the project, and Jessica was delighted with the final result:

the bags recieved great feedback from cancer ward nurses

We delivered 100 of the Hope Against Cancer document bags to cancer wards across the Leicester area.

We’re pleased to report that the feedback from the teams of dedicated nurses was exactly what we had hoped for.

Not only did they appreciate the utility of the bags for helping patients keep all their notes together, but they also liked the message of hope and support for patients that had recently been diagnosed.

We’re currently awaiting feedback from patients who have been using the bags, but we’re hopeful the ability to keep all their documents in one place has helped make their lives a little bit easier at a difficult time.

We’re also hopeful that patients have been prompted to find out more about Hope Against Cancer, and the support and clinical trials that may be available.

more about hope against cancer

Hope Against Cancer were founded in 2003 with the mission to make sure that Leicestershire was a hub of expertise for cancer research and treatment, leading to better outcomes for cancer patients in a local area.

Since launching, they have funded more than 60 research projects dealing with many different forms of cancer, and helped ensure that clinical trials are available to local people.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Hope Against Cancer, visit

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