Serbia’s Forgotten Paws – Our Gentle Giant, Dakota!

December 11, 2020

Team EC are dog lovers through and through. We annually hold dog shows or random bring your dog to work days after all they are a man’s best friend!

Recently, we had a gentle giant in the office, Dakota.

Dakota is a Šarplaninac which is a dog breed of the livestock guardian type. The friendly pooch may be looking happy and health now, but the poor guy had a rough start to life. Dakota was found starved, abused and being dragged behind a horse cart. The charity team confiscated the dog, kept him in their shelter and nursed him back to good health.

Marcus Dayman a fellow community colleague was asked why he adopted: “I’ve had family dogs before, but this is the first that’s my dog, always wanted to adopt a dog who needs a better life from what they currently have, if I had the money, I’d take them all, love dogs more than people you should know that about me.”

When Marcus found him, he went through the adoption process to get Dakota transported over here, took a few months of delays with the pandemic. Then he got Dakota transported all the way from Serbia to the UK where Marcus picked him up from the charities farm shelter near London.

Speaking of the charity Marcus said: “Adopted Dakota from a great charity, they’re always needing awareness, help, donations etc to keep doing what they are doing, honestly couldn’t meet a better bunch of ladies that run it out their own pockets.”

Dakota is now 4 years and 3 months old, has his forever home but his past hasn’t left him yet. At his recent visit to the office Dakota had to be taken into urgent care as he suffered a seizure whilst on site and a second on the way to the vets. This festive season please remember that a pet isn’t just for Christmas it’s for life.

Serbia’s Forgotten Paws was founded in 2012 by one lady that wanted to help the strays in Nis. Jelena struggled for 2 years looking after the countless animals with the volunteers often going out of pocket to feed and look after the animals. In 2014 the charity finally became registered in the UK which gave confidence to supporters and making donating easier.

SFP has grown over the years and has become a safe and healthy place for dogs. They were able to open a second shelter in Mislodjin and were able to look after more than just dogs. Caring for cats, horses, donkeys and piglets. Jelena also started a catch, neuter, release programme to help the growing numbers of stray cats and dogs. The programme is run all over Serbia.

If you want to support the cause, adopt or learn more about SFP then take a look at their website

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