Muzi Facilitates Free Football For Girls at St.Matthews

October 4, 2021

Our very own Account Manager, Muzi Sacur, has started to deliver free football sessions for girls aged 8-16 years at St. Matthews Cruyff Court in Leicester in partnership with The Big Local. The Big Local is a local charity centred around the improvement of the St. Matthews area in Leicester, specifically for the younger generations. Ish Latif, their Sports and Volunteer Inclusion Coach, has worked in the St Matthews estate for several years before joining The Big Local. Ish had a previous connection with Muzi as his mentor, working with him as a young adult, and reached out about the football project. He believed Muzi was the perfect fit as a community member and a sports enthusiast with a history of volunteering and mentoring in the area. Muzi had already mentored girls’ football from a Kicks Cup held in 2019. Muzi had been an active volunteer since he was 17 and was keen to help again.

About St.Matthew Big Local

The Big Local was awarded a charity grant, some of which would pay for this initiative. Initially, it was to begin in 2019 but could not be executed until now due to the pandemic. They entrusted Muzi with a little money to organise the sessions. Unfortunately, there was little attendance for the first session with only 2 girls turning up. With the little budget for marketing, Muzi then took it upon himself to call around his community connections to get the word out. He also teamed with our in-house designers to create a poster to go out on social media. By the next Saturday, 13 girls had turned up for football. Muzi received good feedback and was glad to hear that all the girls thoroughly enjoyed it. The football for girls is due to continue for the next 3 weeks, hopefully becoming a permanent activity if it is popular enough. 

His dedication to community is second to none. The fact that he makes the effort and gives his time up every Saturday for 5 weeks, as well as promoting it outside of the practice itself is amazing. It's something we've wanted ot deliver in the community for a long time now and Muzi made it happen. Good on him.

Simon Johnson, Charity Manager of St .Matthew Big Local

EverythingCommunity Gives Back

Here at EverythingCommunity, we like to shine a light on staff who are doing good work in the community. We believe charity and community projects are paramount to a supportive work culture. That’s why we will award Muzi with an extra day’s holiday and a donation for The Big Local. We hope to partner with them soon to help make our local community a better place. If you want to find out more about all the great work they do, click here.

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