Wristbands to Support the Gold Forever Bash in Tribute to Tom Parker

October 2, 2022

You may have seen the tragic headlines earlier this year about Tom Parker, a singer with the band ‘The Wanted’ who died aged 33 following a long battle with a terminal brain tumour.

Following his diagnosis in 2020, Tom became a high profile campaigner for brain tumour research and wrote a powerful memoir called ‘My Inspirational Life’ that helps raise awareness of brain tumours and the funding that is desperately needed to progress research and treatment.

His memoir also provides hope and inspiration for others suffering with brain tumour diagnosis.

Online Fan Group ‘the Cougars’ Launched a Fundraiser in Tribute of Tom

One of the most prominent online fan groups for The Wanted are a community called The Cougars who describe themselves as ‘old lady boy band fans’.

Following Tom’s tragic passing they decided to set up a fundraising event called the ‘Gold Forever Bash’.

Knowing Tom’s dedication to helping progress research and treatment for brain tumours, all proceeds from the event were to go to The Brain Tumour Charity, one of the world’s leading funders of research into brain tumours.

As they planned the event, the admins of the group reached out to their community for any support or donations.

One of their requests asked if anyone might be able to provide wristbands for guests attending the event.

One of Our Team Saw the Request for Wristbands, and We Offered to Help

Daisy Perberdy was one of the Social Media Executives at Everything Branded, and is a huge fan of The Wanted. She’s been a member of The Cougars community for years.

When she saw the request for wristbands for the fundraising event, Daisy got in touch with the team at Everything Community to see if there was anything we could do to help.

We got in touch with Rachel Statham from The Cougars and agreed to donate the original request for 250 wristbands, and an additional 250 commemorative keyrings.

We just needed to get the designs agreed and the items produced in time for the event.

One of our Account Managers, Scott Pickworth, worked closely with our design team to come up with concepts that met all the needs of the brief and captured the inspirational spirit of the event.  

Once the designs were signed off by Rachel, we produced and donated 250 wristbands and 250 keyrings to be gifted to all guests at the Gold Forever Bash.

A Night to Remember with over £5000 Raised to Help Brain Tumour Research

The Gold Forever Bash was held at the Macdonald Hotel in Manchester on the 1st October 2022.

Doors opened at 7pm and guests were treated to a welcome drink, a two course meal and a raffle. A DJ played until 1am for guests who wanted to enjoy the tribute to Tom until the early hours.

The event was a huge success, with everyone enjoying the moving tribute to Tom’s life and his lasting legacy. There was even an appearance from band mate Nathan Sykes!

All guests received a series of gifts to commemorate the event, which included donations from Swizzels, Whitakers Chocolates and Angel and Dove in addition to the wristbands and keyrings.

The ticket sales for the Gold Forever Bash raised an amazing £1793, which was donated to The Brain Tumour Charity.

Additional donations were made to The Cougars Just Giving page, which took the overall total amount raised for The Brain Tumour Charity to £5454.

More about The Brain Tumour Charity

Brain tumours are the biggest cause of cancer related deaths in children and adults under 40.

The Brain Tumour Charity is committed to saving and improving the lives of those affected by brain tumours.

The charity is the world’s leading funder of research into brain tumours and is driven by the goal of doubling survival and halving the harm caused by brain tumours in the UK.
To find out more about The Brain Tumour Charity, visit https://www.thebraintumourcharity.org/

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