March 29, 2021



For over 50 years, Menphys have been supporting families across Leicestershire. Menphys helps children and young adults with additional needs and disabilities to live an ordinary life with equal choices and opportunities. The Head of Fundraising and Marketing- Liam Deacy tells the story as to how the charity have been affected by the pandemic, he explains how they have had to pivot in order to continue supporting children and young people with disabilities.

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Equal Choices, Equal Opportunities, Ordinary Lives

‘Our ambition is for a future full of equal choices and opportunities for disabled children, young people and their families, empowering them to live as ordinary lives as possible and aspiring for the extraordinary’.

Like many charities, Menphys has been affected by the pandemic. After opening a brand-new centre in South Wigston at the beginning of 2020, the hub sadly had to close due to Covid restrictions. This meant that face to face services such as respite care, educational programmes and employment programmes were dramatically impacted. Before the pandemic, local businesses and charity workers would support young people in their offices and factories to give them an insight into the world of employment, and much valued work experience. Liam and the team had to quickly pivot in order to continue to support children and young people with disabilities as well as their families virtually.
Changes meant that sending out physical items to charity members became key in supporting young people and their families. Items such as sensory packs can not only vastly improve the life of a young person with disabilities, but it will also help to make their parents/carers lives. Providing them with an hour’s break, which is essential, especially in the current circumstances.

How can You help?

More than ever, charities need your help and Menphys is no exception. Businesses and individuals can get involved by donating to the charity here. Every penny counts, so you can help by either donating a one off payment or choosing to make regular payments. All donations will see a tangible result whether they go towards a programme or physical items to be provided to children and their families. Or, if you prefer to donate physical items that support education and employment or enrich a disabled child’s life, they are also welcome.

Once restrictions are lifted, voluntary work will be invaluable in supporting the charity, children and the young people at the heart of it all.

Despite the challenges of the last year, the future is looking bright for the charity. Moving forward Menpyhs will have the benefit of face-to-face services, and more respite care that they can send out to families. Although this past year has been a difficult, it has allowed the charity to support more families and have a real impact on the lives of disabled children, young people and their families in Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland.

If you want to help Menphys visit their website, email or call 01455 323020.

If you’re looking for advice or support please visit the website and fill in the contact form on site.

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