Beyond Loss: Harrison’s Hope

September 29, 2021

Unfortunately, not every baby gets the chance to open their eyes to the world, including Harrison. Harrison was rushed to the Neonatal unit at Leicester Royal Hospital on the 12th  January 2019, with complications experienced as a result of early labour. His mother, Holly, was distraught when her firstborn sadly passed away 2 days later.

Whilst in the Neonatal Unit at Leicester Royal Hospital, Holly was both surprised and grateful for the treatment she received. Medically speaking, they did everything in their power to save the poor boy’s life, but due to the complications, Harrison’s condition never improved. However, the kind doctors and nurses did give her the chance to wash him, change his nappy and dress him, as any ‘normal’ mother would with their newborn. 

The nurses took pictures of these moments I spent with Harrison, so that I could keep them safely in a box and show him off to the world when I was ready. I’m thankful for the nurses and doctors that gave me the chance to be a first time mum.. these memories will always stay alive with me.

Holly, Founder of Harrison's Hope

Harrison’s Hope

Soon after this tragic event, Holly decided to establish a small charity called Harrison’s Hope. It is based in Leicestershire, and Holly created it to support Leicester Hospital’s Maternity and Neonatal Unit whilst raising awareness for baby loss.  

EverythingCommunity puts pen to paper for Harrison’s Hope.

To help Holly with her fundraising, we donated 200 personalised pens from our promotional merchandise business, EverythingBranded. Holly will use these as part of memory boxes that will be given to bereaved families who have also sadly suffered the loss of a baby, at no cost to them. Pens are a great fundraising item, they give a great impression of your charity to the community and is something that people will actually use instead of being thrown away.  We wish Holly the best of luck with her fundraising and if you wish to help then you can donate here via justgiving.

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