EverythingBranded Hydrates Charity Link 3 Peaks Challenge

June 29, 2021

When you hear the word vulnerable, you might automatically think of people who may have shielded during the pandemic. As a result, other vulnerabilities have taken a back burner, much like the issues surrounding homelessness, hunger, domestic violence, and mental health issues, etc. As a result of the the pandemic, things like isolation, redundancy, and breakdown of relationships have all acted as tipping points and created real hardship and vulnerability within the community. It takes collective efforts to help people facing these issues, and charities such as Charity Link are there to improve the lives of local people facing hardships.

Charity Link Have A Thirst To Fundraise In 3 Peaks Challenge.

Charity Link believes that everyone deserves a decent standard of living, with a right to adequate food, shelter, and the means to keep warm, clean, and rested – no matter what difficulty they may be facing. They help to make a difference by finding funding to provide the essential items that everyone deserves. This September 26th, Charity Link are running a unique 16 mile trek , including some of the highest peaks that Leicestershire has to offer. If you enjoy forest walks around Leicester and Leicestershire, then this challenge is for you! The 3 Peaks for this challenge are Beacon Hill, Bardon Hill and the well-known Old John Tower in Bradgate Park.

For well over 12 months their fundraising has been severely restricted due to the pandemic, and they would love to have even more challengers joining them this year to help them meet the increased need we are experiencing. To sign-up to this award-winning event, please visit Charity Link 3 Peaks.


Drinks are on us!

To help with the event and stir more interest, EverythingBranded approached Charity Link asking where we could help. Custom water bottles are great for promoting a charity and gifting to partners or participants. Also, since water bottles are reusable, they cut down on the waste that comes from throwing away disposable plastic water bottles. So, we organised the donation of branded sports water bottles to be handed out to participants at the event. A little token of thanks that they can have as a keepsake, whilst being practical and used often. Let’s hope it gives people the thirst to join Charity Link at this great fundraising event! 


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