EverythingCommunity Supports Local Education at Leicester College.

May 13, 2021

This month EverythingCommunity partnered with Leicester College to deliver employer engagement on Business Applications of Social Media and Working in Business and Administration, which is headed up by the Business Enterprise Manager, Rupinder Drew.

EverythingCommunities’ founder and CEO Paul Rowlett has maintained a partnership with LCPJEA for some time now. In November 2017, Paul stepped out of the boardroom and into the classroom to teach about the long and winding road to business success. The story of EverythingBranded is a classic example, and the students of Leicester College got to learn just how hard it can be.

Fast Forward to 2021, and this relationship has expanded in turn with the growth of Paul’s businesses. In the wake of EverythingBranded’s successful launches in Canada, Ireland and Spain, Paul has launched 3 more solutions-based brands – EverythingCommunity, EverythingFulfilment and EverythingDigital – all of which sit under the newly established umbrella brand that is EveyrthingGlobal. EverythingGlobal are focused on driving marketing solutions through innovation and technology to tell your story.

The growth of the business and its brands were a great talking point for some our marketing team when they delivered their Q&A panel to budding computing students in May. Learning how a business must adapt in times of change and seeing how an umbrella brand was a great business model to see how it works in the real world of business.

The sessions were fab as the chance for students to hear from 3 industry professionals in one session added real world experience to their learning. The fact that it was done virtually shows how much we’ve all had to adapt.    

 – Rupinder Drew, Business Enterprise Manager

In addition to hosting this Q&A Panel, our EverythingDigital department stepped up to help deliver a unit based on Business and Administration. The unit was made to give elarners an overview of what working in business administration can be like. In particular, understanding roles of those they are working with, how to carry out routine tasks and the appropriate way to present themselves. Whilst important for the students to learn, it sounds quite boring, right? So we took it upon ourselves to exemplify this in an engaging way and made a video for them. We introduced the students to the different activities carried out by people working in administration via a time-lapsed walk-through of the office. We mixed this with some animation to keep it engaging whilst showing student routine administrative tasks and using office equipment.  One of our business administrators, Smita was kind enough to share her knowledge via a voiceover that narrated the video. This was a great way to let the student observe an office space and the main administrative roles, whilst keeping safe as we ease out of Lockdown. Again, we worked with Rupinder on this, and the final result was well received:

‘I’ve just watched it with a colleague and we both thought it was brilliant! Really great script, very engaging, interesting and I think you may have an influx of job applications after the students have watched it! It’s also added a wonderful flair so that students almost feel like they are in the office with you!’ 

 – Rupinder

If not for our business’ agility during these difficult times, it would not be possible to support educational projects such as this. If you have a project that you need help with, then visit our homepage, hit apply and see how we can help you today!

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