From Benefits to the Boardroom: Paul Rowlett talks business at GirlRise global workshop.

May 9, 2021


The road to achievement in business is never easy. The journey of EverythingBranded is a prime example. Last month the international students of Digi Learning got to learn just how hard it can be from the CEO and Founder, Paul Rowlett. The talk was received very well and opened a few eyes to aspiring female entrepreneurs. With a chance to ask questions at the end, the 40 young ladies of GirlRise took the opportunity to quiz Paul on how he managed to turn his life around and progress while the odds were against him.

Those 40 ladies aged from 16-24 years who were mostly based in the UK, but some attended from as far as South Africa, India, Canada, Jamaica and Barbados were taken on a journey through the dark days of Paul living on next to nothing to appearing on the hit Channel 4 TV show, The Secret Teacher. A programme about successful people going back to school undercover. It proved to be an eye-opener for Paul and others. From this, Paul learned more about the lack of entrepreneurial skills taught in schools and colleges throughout the UK. This was the takeaway message he tried to inject into his workshop.  By taking time out of his busy schedule and giving free expert advice, he has provided the tips that will ultimately improve the ladies’ career prospects. Paul’s generosity extended to sending promotional goodie bags to all participants. This gave them a chance to get to know his company and brand whilst enjoying some free extras! 

EverythingBranded Partners With GirlRise DigiLearning

GirlRise, a programme started by DigiLearning, was established to enable and encourage children and young people aged 5 to 26 to be entrepreneurial digital creators to help them acquire essential skills, to be confident and thrive in an increasingly digital, interconnected world that is ever changing, to help strengthen their opportunities in life. DigiLearning was created to inspire and encourage young people, parents and educators across the world to develop their talents in the digital space and thrive. The charity is only one year old and was founded by Lisa Goodchild and Sarah Wilson. Both ladies set up this charity after undergoing and understanding the realities of growing up on a council estate with single parents, poverty and crime but having the opportunity and finding digital and realising the power of it to change paths. It has become their passion to provide the same opportunities to others to help them progress in life.

Digilearning will build trusted tools for young people, parents and educators to teach them about the digital landscape and what it has to offer in an effective, fun and creative way. To learn more about the foundation, click here.

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